Monologue with God

This idea of a Monologue with God came as I was encouraged to be silent and just listen to God.  It was as if we were having a one-sided conversation. It started earlier this year and I've been writing down these experiences almost daily. 

Picture/imagine this: you're anxious, stressed, angry, or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you're filled with joy, gratitude, and hope.  But you're searching for something; you know something or someone is out there tirelessly trying to get your attention. 

You sit down in a comfortable leather chair (mine happens to be from Restoration Hardware) and adjacent to you is God, sitting in a similar chair about two feet from you.  He's gleaming, yet you see an outline of a face; He looks meek.

You don't speak, for whatever reason.  God looks at you, and you remember that God is omniscient; He knows everything, and that includes everything in your heart and on your mind. 

He sits there and looks at you as though He's patiently waiting until you're ready to listen because He now has your undivided attention. Your heart starts to pound in your chest as you await what's about to come next. 

Let the journey begin-