Spiritual Maturity


Son, your thoughts about spiritual maturity are accurate. Some are like your five year old, others like your three year old, and yet others like your eleven month old.

You love them all the same, but you communicate with them differently.

Your five year old can do much by herself and needs only a little direction and encouragement.

Your three year old needs a lot of hand -holding and discipline to stay on course.

Your eleven month old is relatively helpless and literally needs you to carry him from upstairs to downstairs, from the house to the car, from the car to the building. When it comes to eating, he can’t feed himself; you must feed him to ensure he gets proper amounts of nutrition. He needs your help changing his dirty diaper and getting dressed. He relies on you for pretty much everything.

The same holds true for my children and their spiritual walk. Some are older and need only a little direction. Some are younger and need a lot of attention to stay on the straight and narrow path. Others, like your eleven month old, need constant care and attention.

Think about where you are and where others are on this spectrum of spiritual maturity. Identify what you need and ask for help to grow where you lack maturity.

Be there for others and give an attentive ear to help guide when the opportunity presents itself, but don’t intrude. Be patient, gracious, and kind.

Keep up the good work.

I love you, Son.