My Timing - Insight from June 24, 2017

Son, don't let failure by as defined by the world to prompt you to think that I've ever failed you.

My timing isn't the same as the world's timing. What you and others give as a timetable isn't always the same as mine. The world thinks a month or a year is enough to accomplish something; my approach is different and broader. Mine includes more variables, more components, and more people.

Look at how I waited to use Abraham and Sarah. They waited more than 25 years until I gave them Isaac. Abraham must have thought I failed him when he decided to sleep with his servant Hagar to have Ishmael. I didn't fail him; he was impatient. He stopped trusting me. He took matters into his own hands and look what that got him. Yet I still Blessed Abraham, Isaac, and Ishmael.

Trust my timing. Don't put your trust in the world's or your own timing when it comes to things I've promised.

Isaiah 55:9 NIV
[9] “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Do what you know to be right according to my word and what I've put in your heart. I am with you and you will not fail. Trust in me.