Who is first?- Insight from June 2, 2017

Son, you're onto a life-changing lesson. Going with the world will only bring temporary happiness; going my way will bring permanent and eternal joy. 

Ways of the world:

Business dinners and travel- missing bedtime with your kids
Outcome: more money, less time with kids, less imprint, less character 

Work 7 days a week- get more tasks done, move up in the company, feeling of self-reliance. 
Outcome: burnout, faltering self-dependence, crumbled relationships, 

Fantasy football- competition, desire to win, sense of accomplishment, sense of beating the odds, God-like mentality;
Outcome: time away from family, distracted, losing leads to despair, feeling of loss of control 

Spend time on these and other “ways of the world ” and compare them to The Way I have designed you to take. Which do you think is more fulfilling?

Idols. It all boils down to idols. Who is first in your life? If you wake up at 4:30am to spend time with me; I'm first. If you sleep in and miss our time together; you're putting yourself first. 

If you dodge that coworker who looks troubled to skip traffic; you're first. If you go out of your way to comfort someone in need; I'm first.

If you pray first in the morning; I'm first. If you check email first; you're first.

If you have a drink when you're feeling stressed or anxious; you're first. If you pray when you're stressed or anxious; I'm first.

Your first actions often explain WHO is first.

I want to be first. You need me to be first. I will not take any other position. If I'm not first, you have pushed me out of your life for however long you choose.