Don’t Quit- Insight from March 12, 2018


Son, don’t quit. Don’t quit praying for your people and walking circles around them. Don’t quit.

Don’t quit seeking me early and often. I know you get tired and weary, but don’t quit. The best is yet to come.

Don’t quit preparing like the best producer. I have given you greater capacity than you’ve tapped into. Don’t quit.

Don’t quit serving your wife and loving your family first after me. Don’t quit.

Don’t quit reading, studying, and meditating on my word daily and throughout the day. Don’t quit.

Don’t quit taking good care of your physical body. Don’t quit.

Don’t quit praying for your brother, your Mom, and Marcus. Don’t quit. 

Don’t quit leading by example. More people are watching you than you think. Don’t quit.

Don’t quit on praying big and praying for big dreams. Don’t quit. Don’t settle.

Don’t quit asking me to reveal my will for your life.

Don’t quit your vision of “Re-establishing ‘In God are Trust.’”