When “something” isn’t enough...

When something is never enough, whether it be cars, a house, hobby, career, success, attention, it’s usually a “someone” problem, which can be a sign God is not first in your life (hint: you’re first in your life, or at least you think you are). 

When you’re constantly thinking of “the next” hobby, toy, project, adventure, win, event; God is likely not the most important person in your life and He’s not at the center of your life. 

When God is first, He provides you with the willpower to exercise self-control. Otherwise, when left to your own devices, you end up filling the God-sized void with something that will never truly satisfy. 

When God is first, He helps you focus on His will and not your own will, desires, and sometimes harmful thoughts and activities that don’t produce the fruit that He desires, knows that you are capable of, and designed you to fulfill. 

When God is first, you have a peace that is inexplainable and is hardly understandable. It’s a gift you/me/we don’t deserve, yet He still offers freely through His son’s death and resurrection. 

Putting and keeping God first will never be easy. It will likely make you feel like an outcast because the world goes and does the opposite. 

However, when you stick to His plan and His will, you will have resounding peace of mind and a relationship with Him that will surpass anything you can experience on earth. 

Today, right now, take the plunge; take the leap to fully trust God for your salvation and healing. Experience the Peace Jesus promises to those who choose to follow Him.