I am first


Son, why are you here? Why have I brought you here? Why have I brought you this far?

To bring you glory? Hardly.

To bring me glory? Yes.

What are you doing with what I’ve entrusted to you? Not “what have you done...?”, but what are you doing, currently?

Who are you working for? Me or work?

If for Me, what’s the role of Aon? It’s a vehicle, an avenue, a medium. But it’s not your purpose. It’s a platform.

What’s your family? What’s Tracy? How you love them, treat them, prioritize them is an example of how you love, treat, and prioritize people in your life.

I am first.

I. Am. First.

Tracy is second. Kids are third. But I am first.

The way you love me, treat me, and prioritize me will set the tone for how you love, treat, and prioritize the rest of your life.

It’s like this: when I am first, I light your path like a flashlight in the dark. When I am not first, it’s like walking with sunglasses on and no flashlight. You may stumble on the right path now and then, but it won’t be consistent. You’ll trip, fall, get bruised up. You look for me but not see me. You’ll know I’m around, but not guiding you directly. You’ll wander, get lost, waste time. And when you’re fed up with all that, you’ll call my name and I’ll again light your path and set you back on the straight and narrow.

I am first. I am your light. Keep me first and I will light your path.